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After pregnancy, weight fluctuations and time, the breasts lose volume and start to sag. For some women with a lot of tissue, a lift alone achieves desired repositioning and reshaping. For those who desire more volume or fullness of the upper pole of the breast, a combination breast lift and augmentation may be the perfect procedure. Combining the volumizing benefits of an augmentation procedure and the repositioning of the lift makes this surgery one of the most popular procedures among Philadelphia women at StarkMD Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Center.

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The breast augmentation with lift procedure

As in the breast lift procedure, Dr. Stark will use one of three types of incisions. During your consultation, you and he will decide which incision is best based upon your anatomy and cosmetic goals. Because of the manipulation to the breast involved in this type of surgery, incisions are more extensive than those needed in a breast augmentation surgery. As always, Dr. Stark uses meticulous closure techniques as well as strict scar regimen routine post-operatively to help minimize the appearance of scars.

  • A periareolar incision is made around the areola
  • A keyhole incision is made around the areola and vertically to the bottom of the breast
  • An anchor incision is made around the areola, vertically to the bottom of the breast, and horizontally along the breast crease

Through the incision, Dr. Stark creates the perfect pocket for your implant. After the implant is in place Dr. Stark removes excess skin and resizes the nipples. With his meticulous closure he is able to lift the breasts to a restored, higher position on the chest wall. Usually, the augmentation- mastopexy procedure can be performed together during one surgery but some patients do require that the two are done separately.

Breast augmentation with lifting

In order to add fullness to the breast with your breast lift you can use implants or fat grafting. Double board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Stark will help you decide which approach is best for you during your private consultation. This will depend both upon your preference and your anatomy and measurements.

In general there are two types of breast implants used in Dr. Stark’s Philadelphia breast augmentation and lift surgeries. Silicone implants have become more popular in the past decade and are more widely used now. The reason for this is that they result in a more natural appearance with less rippling than the saline implants produce. Rippling occurs when the wrinkled edge of the implant can be seen or felt under the skin. Additionally, silicone implants feel more natural to and soft to the touch, and camouflage better with existing breast tissue. This type of implant has been used for many years with great success.

Saline implants are silicone outer shell filled with a saltwater solution. They are slightly less expensive than their silicone counterparts however they are heavier and firmer and tend to cause less natural-looking results with more rippling.

Another option for women looking for a natural augmentation is fat grafting to the breast. During this procedure, Dr. Stark uses liposuction to remove fat from other parts of the body and places it meticulously into the breast tissue creating a naturally fuller effect. This way, the patient benefits from body contouring as well as breast enhancement during one surgical procedure. When discussing if fat grafting to the breast is right for you with Dr. Stark, you must understand that your result will change in appearance after several months as only 50-60% of the fat that is placed in the breast will survive. Fat grafting is a great option when adding fullness to a lifted breast that has lost volume.

Recovery from your breast augmentation with lift

The full transformative effects of your breast augmentation with lift will not be revealed until after your recovery, usually about two to four months. However, the increase in size and placement improvement will be immediately apparent. During the course of your recovery, you and Dr. Stark will closely monitor the healing process to ensure everything is going as planned. Our office will provide thorough aftercare instructions, which are designed for your comfort as well as the cosmetic results.

Schedule a consultation

To learn more about a breast augmentation, your next step is a private consultation with Dr. Stark. Please call our office to schedule an appointment.

Your patient experience

Dr. Stark will ensure you feel comfortable the minute you walk into StarkMD Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Center. His friendly staff, comfortable exam rooms and warm bedside manner will immediately put you at ease. We understand breast augmentation with lift surgery can be emotionally difficult but that the ultimate key to success is alignment of your goals with those of your doctor.

The consultations at StarkMD Plastic & Aesthetic Surgery allow the time and comfort each woman deserves to discuss her desired outcome. As with any surgery, health is of the utmost importance and Dr. Stark will ensure you are taking any necessary supplementation and stop any medications that may interfere with surgery. In addition, Dr. Stark’s considerable skill and finesse come through to minimize scarring with every closing suture.

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Practice Policy Update Regarding COVID-19

StarkMD is pleased to announce that our office will be open beginning on Monday, May 18th 2020 for all surgical and non-surgical procedures.

The office will open in accordance with CDC guidelines and our staff will practice new safety measures. This includes:

  • Our staff will be wearing masks, we ask that you wear a mask upon arrival.
  • Staff will take your temperature upon arrival.
  • If you're feeling sick, please call and we will gladly reschedule your appointment.
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