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Dr. Stark caters to a discerning group of male clients who expect personally tailored treatments and exceptional results. While nearly all cosmetic services and surgeries are available to both men and women, our male clients may be most interested in the following menu of procedures.

Treatment for Gynecomastia

Excess tissue and skin in the breast area can lead to the appearance of enlarged breasts in men, a condition called gynecomastia. Double board-certified plastic surgeon Ran Stark, M.D., removes excess breast tissue, restoring a smoother, tighter, more masculine contour to the breast area using a range of techniques, including surgical excision, S.A.F.E.Lipo, and fat grafting.

Liposuction (S.A.F.E.Lipo®)

Double board-certified plastic surgeon Ran Stark, M.D., proudly provides S.A.F.E.Lipo, an advanced liposuction technique that consistently affords smooth, natural-looking results. S.A.F.E.Lipo involves the removal of excess fat while also priming the body for optimal results by preparing a smooth, even layer of the remaining fat cells. This surgical body contouring procedure dramatically slims and shapes most areas of the body, including abdomen, chin, flanks, thighs, and back. And perhaps best of all, this type of liposuction may result in minimal downtime or side effects compared to more traditional procedures.

High-Definition Liposuction

High definition (HD) liposuction is a fine-tuning technique perfect for men who want to artfully shape and contour the muscles in their abdomen, arms, or any other part of their body. A contoured and muscular body has traditionally only been achievable by those with incredible natural physiques or those who have the time to spend countless hours at the gym.

Today, however, our high-def liposuction can remove the pockets and layers of fat that won’t respond to regular diet and exercise, allowing anyone to achieve a more sculpted physique. While high-def liposuction won’t create the muscle you need, it can take you that last step to give you a contoured, muscular, and fit body with a visible six-pack.

Other forms of liposuction are designed to remove large quantities of fat, whereas our high-def lipo is a precision technique to target small pockets and layers of fat. Custom liposuction treatments may include a combination of high-def lipo and high-volume liposuction to achieve ideal results.

VASER Liposuction

VASER (vibration amplification of sound energy at resonance) liposuction is a specialized liposuction technique that uses scientifically-formulated ultrasound technology to break down fat cells, allowing for gentler liposuction treatment. VASER liposuction avoids damage to your blood vessels and nerves, thereby reducing downtime as well as the pain and swelling associated with liposuction.

The VASER system is designed to be used for both high-volume fat removal and high-definition liposuction contouring, depending on your individual needs. VASER is ideal for men who want to remove love handles and other fatty deposits, and who want to take their bodies the extra mile. To work correctly, you should have solid muscle underneath the fat layers, and be in generally good health. You can expect pain, discomfort, and downtime than with other forms of liposuction, and you will be back on your feet rapidly.


Millions of men and women are enjoying the age-defying benefits of Botox, the world’s #1 non-surgical cosmetic treatment. FDA-approved Botox helps men smooth forehead wrinkles, brow furrows, and crow’s feet to look years younger with minimal downtime. Dr. Stark and his team have already helped many patients of all genders in the Philadelphia area to look their best with Botox, Dysport, Xeomin, and Jeauveau. Schedule your appointment to see if this could be just what the doctor ordered.

Dermal Fillers for men

Men are not immune to the effects of aging, and, like anyone, can experience wrinkles, fine lines, creases, and a significant loss of volume in the skin on their face. With today’s increasingly competitive workplace, restoring the youthful vitality of a man’s face can give him the edge and confidence he needs to succeed.

Dermal fillers are injectable treatments to temporarily smooth away fine lines, reduce wrinkles, and restore lost volume at temples, cheeks, or create a more masculine jawline. While dermal fillers originally became popular with women, these injectables can help men look younger and more vital.

Restoring facial appearance in men is an art form and is distinctly different than treating women. Dr. Stark, through years of experience, has mastered his technique for restoring youthful vitality to the male face with dermal fillers. While the results may last only a year or two (longer with maintenance treatments), dermal fillers can also help you “try on” an improved look before undergoing a surgical facelift.

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People of all genders deserve to look and feel their best. It is the great pleasure and passion of Dr. Stark and the entire team at the StarkMD Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic Center to help their Philadelphia area patients reach for their version of greatness.

Dr. Stark spends the time and energy to ensure your personal goals are fully understood and uses his considerable training and experience to ensure you receive the best possible surgical plan possible. Visit us in person and you’ll soon see the difference.

Meet the Doctor

Ran Stark, M.D. is double board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Board of Surgery. He completed more than 10 years of additional training and residencies after completing his medical degree to become one of the foremost plastic surgeons in the Philadelphia area. His keen attention to detail, artistic eye, and practiced hands help him give his patients consistently exemplary results – but the difference is also in his manner. Dr. Stark makes your goals his own. He will always do the utmost to help you uncover the greatest version of yourself.

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  • The American Board of Surgery
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Practice Policy Update Regarding COVID-19

StarkMD is pleased to announce that our office will be open beginning on Monday, May 18th 2020 for all surgical and non-surgical procedures.

The office will open in accordance with CDC guidelines and our staff will practice new safety measures. This includes:

  • Our staff will be wearing masks, we ask that you wear a mask upon arrival.
  • Staff will take your temperature upon arrival.
  • If you're feeling sick, please call and we will gladly reschedule your appointment.
  • We will sanitize and clean the procedure rooms after each patient is seen.

To book your appointment, please call our office at 484-482-8809. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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