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Sometimes referred to as “gluteal augmentation,” “buttocks enhancement,” or “Brazilian butt lift”, a buttock augmentation with Dr. Stark has helped many patients feel a new sense of confidence in the shape and prominence of their buttocks.

What is a Brazilian butt lift?

A Brazilian butt lift is a surgical procedure that redistributes fat from various areas of your body in order to create a new, fuller contour of the buttocks. The surgery is performed under general anesthesia and lasts approximately two to three hours. During a Brazilian butt lift, Dr. Stark uses cutting-edge liposuction techniques to remove fat from several areas of the body. Next, Dr. Stark processes the harvested fat to remove impurities and excess fluid. Finally, Dr. Stark creates an enhanced hourglass shape and more desirable prominence by strategically injecting the redistributed fat into the buttocks.

While a Brazilian butt lift lacks the long-term risks of implants, it is vital to note that only 50% to 60% of transferred fat cells will survive, while the rest will be reabsorbed and eliminated by the body. Dr. Stark plans for this and will transfer an appropriate amount of fat to attain your final goals.

What results can a Brazilian butt lift achieve?

A Brazilian butt lift creates more fullness, better contour, and larger protrusion of the buttocks while also creating a slimmer, more slender shape in areas from which the fat was harvested. Overall, a Brazilian butt lift can bring better symmetry to the entire lower body.

What are the benefits of Butt augmentation?

Butt augmentation can treat and greatly improve a number of unwanted conditions. With buttock augmentation, Dr. Stark can:

  • Increase the size of the buttocks
  • Improve the proportion of the lower body
  • Lift the buttocks
  • Treat asymmetry of the buttocks
  • Improve and enhance contour of the bottom
  • Create better tone of the buttocks
  • Improve sagging and wrinkling of the skin on the buttocks

How is a buttock augmentation performed?

Butt augmentation is performed under general anesthesia and lasts approximately two to three hours. During a buttock augmentation, Dr. Stark makes an incision in the in gluteal cleft, the vertical crease between the buttocks, and skilfully places the implants in position.

Even with the use of implants, buttock augmentation may also involve fat grafting or autologous fat transfer. Fat grafting is the surgical process of removing fat from one area and injecting it into another, more desirable area. Your customized procedure may involve only implants, only fat grafting, or a combination of the two.

Recovering from a buttock augmentation

Advanced surgical techniques and scar management therapies allow Dr. Stark to keep scarring minimal, but the incisions required for buttock augmentation will leave a scar, but are well hidden. Scars will heal and begin to fade in six months to a year.

After your surgery, some swelling and pain are normal and expected. Dr. Stark will prescribe pain medication as necessary, but pain should recede within a few days. In addition to dressings and bandages, you will be fitted with a support garment after surgery. The support garment must be worn at all times during your recovery period.

Careful attention must be paid to aftercare instructions for best possible results. After your butt augmentation, you must not sit directly on your bottom for several weeks, and this may require significantly altering your daily routine in the weeks following your surgery. Our office will provide you with a full list of aftercare instructions to promote comfort and a great aesthetic result.

Although the larger protrusion of your buttocks will be immediately apparent, the final results of your buttock augmentation surgery will be visible in about two to four months.

Your patient experience

Whatever butt augmentation procedure you choose, Dr. Stark will ensure you feel comfortable from the minute you walk into StarkMD Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Center. His friendly staff, comfortable exam rooms and warm bedside manner will immediately put you at ease. We understand any surgery can be emotionally difficult and ultimately the key to a successful surgery is alignment of your goals with those of your doctor. Your consultation at StarkMD Plastic & Aesthetic Surgery will always allow you the time and comfort you deserve to discuss your desired outcome. As with any surgery, health is of the utmost importance and Dr. Stark will ensure you are taking any necessary supplementation and stop any medications that may interfere with surgery. In addition, Dr. Stark’s considerable skill and finesse come through to minimize scarring with every closing suture.

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At the StarkMD Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Center, the greatest possible care is always taken to ensure that your expectations are met to the best of our considerable ability. During your comprehensive consultation, Dr. Stark will review your goals and medical history in order to create a customized surgical plan to attain your goals. Call our office to schedule an appointment.

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