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Unfortunately, many women who have had breast augmentation in the past are not fully satisfied with the results. At StarkMD Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Center, double board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Stark has helped many patients overcome their insecurities and achieve the outcome they desire by performing skillful and thoughtful breast revision. His work alongside the very best breast surgeons in the world and his intense aesthetic training have given him an advanced skillset in breast revision surgery.

Reasons for breast revision surgery

Breast revision is a surgical procedure that typically involves removal and exhange of existing breast implants. Some women come to StarkMD Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Center because they are displeased with the implants they have—they may dislike the shape or size. Technology has advanced greatly and there are many types of implants which may not have been available to choose from when they had their initial surgery. Some decide they don’t like the fill of their implant. For example, they may see rippling with a saline implant and desire a silicone implant instead. Their bodies may have changed since having the initial surgery—weight fluctuations, pregnancies and time can cause implants to shift. Additionally “migration,” “bottoming out” or “malpositioning” of implants can occur after surgery. Some women develop a “capsular contracture” following implant placement. This is when your body develops hard, internal scarring around the implant causing the area to feel firm. Rarely, an implant can rupture and have to be changed.

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What is entailed in a breast revision surgery?

With careful examination and precise measurements, Dr. Stark is able to overcome the challenge of never having seen the patient’s breasts in their original form. Vectra H2 3D imaging helps to assist you in choosing the type of breast revision that will align with your goals. Often Dr. Stark can use already existing incision sites to minimize scarring. However, depending on how your prior surgery was performed and the complexity of the revision, new incisions must be made. First, the patient’s implants are carefully removed. Then the capsule may be removed if necessary or the pocket repaired with internal sutures. A new implant may then be placed into the existing pocket or, depending on the problem, a new pocket is created relocating the implant from above the muscle to below, or vice versa. Additionally mesh may be used in some cases to help support the tissue, acting as an internal bra. All of these options will be discussed and decided during your consultation depending on your anatomy and aesthetic goals.

What is a SIEF procedure?

Some women decide years after having an augmentation procedure that they simply do not want implants anymore. In these cases, Dr. Stark can safely remove the implants and use a lift alone or in combination with the patient’s own fat to restore the shape of the breast. SIEF stands for simultaneous implant exchange and fat transfer. This provides women a way to regain a natural appearance, even after removing their implants. As always, Dr. Stark uses his advanced technique to close the incision site with finesse, minimizing scarring.

Recovering from a breast revision surgery

This depends on what is required in the surgery. However, in general, recovery is the same as or even easier than your initial surgery. Dr. Stark will provide you with specific instructions regarding medications and activity level following the surgery. Many times, a rapid recovery can be expected and, as long as you are not straining or lifting at work, you may be able to return several days after the procedure.

Your patient experience

Whatever the reason for your breast revision surgery, Dr. Stark can help. Firstly, he will ensure you feel comfortable the minute you walk into StarkMD Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Center. His friendly staff, comfortable exam rooms and warm bedside manner will immediately put you at ease. We understand surgery can be emotionally difficult and ultimately the key to a successful surgery is alignment of your goals with those of your doctor. The consultations at StarkMD Plastic & Aesthetic Surgery allow the time and comfort each woman deserves to discuss her desired outcome. As with any surgery, health is of the utmost importance and Dr. Stark will ensure you are taking any necessary supplementation and stop any medications that may interfere with surgery. In addition, Dr. Stark’s considerable skill and finesse come through to minimize scarring with every closing suture.

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Practice Policy Update Regarding COVID-19

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Practice Policy Update Regarding COVID-19

StarkMD is pleased to announce that our office will be open beginning on Monday, May 18th 2020 for all surgical and non-surgical procedures.

The office will open in accordance with CDC guidelines and our staff will practice new safety measures. This includes:

  • Our staff will be wearing masks, we ask that you wear a mask upon arrival.
  • Staff will take your temperature upon arrival.
  • If you're feeling sick, please call and we will gladly reschedule your appointment.
  • We will sanitize and clean the procedure rooms after each patient is seen.

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