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5 Best Cosmetic Surgery Procedures After Having Kids

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5 Best Cosmetic Surgery Procedures After Having Kids

The social media feeds. The influencers. The constant barrage of seemingly "perfect" mommies who have it all - including the awesome body. Don't be fooled, though. What you see isn't always reality, and odds are those A+ moms have had a ton of help along the way. And guess what? There's nothing wrong with getting some help when it's necessary, especially where maintaining your body is concerned after you've had children.

If you dream of wearing a bathing suit with confidence, don't love the way you feel in your jeans, or simply want to feel better about yourself, a cosmetic surgery procedure could be just what you need. So-called "mommy makeovers" are all about that. They're tailored to your post-childbirth body's needs, whether you've got love handles you want to improve, sagging breasts (see mommy makeover) you wish were perkier, or a midsection that needs some firming up. No matter your goal, there's a procedure to address it. Here are five of the best cosmetic surgery procedures to consider after you're done having children.

Breast Lift

The breast lift is an exceptional choice for most mothers who have seen a decidedly droopy turn since they gave birth. If you wish your bust was perkier and more youthful, consider visiting your plastic surgeon for a lift. The procedure offers many benefits that extend far beyond looking great in that low-cut V-neck top and that form-fitting body-conscious dress you used to love.

You'll also enjoy firmer breasts that sit higher on your chest. This will prevent that unpleasant "elongated" sensation that often accompanies sagging. When your breasts sag, that also causes your nipples to turn south. After a breast lift, they'll be just as perky when your surgeon repositions the areola to lend your breasts a completely natural appearance. The shape of your breasts also improves post-lift. Lifting the tissue helps eliminate the "tube" effect that typically accompanies sagging. And because drooping breasts have a tendency to rub the skin underneath, you'll no longer have to worry about irritation caused by chafing.

Breast Augmentation

Some women may choose to take their breast surgery a step further and request a breast augmentation. Known as mammoplasty, the goal of this procedure is to increase the size of your breasts instead of merely lifting up what you already have. If you've long been dissatisfied with the size of your chest, now may be a great time to address it since your surgeon can also lit them up at the same time, allowing you the benefit of a perkier and fuller bust.

The ideal candidate for an augmentation is someone who wants to enhance her appearance because she feels unsatisfied with the way she looks in her clothes. Sometimes filling out the top is all that's needed to achieve a more balanced figure. Bear in mind, however, that implants don't last forever. The average expectancy is approximately a decade, at which point you may need another procedure.

Tummy Tuck

The famed tummy tuck is a popular procedure for mommies who seek to improve the appearance and feel of their midsection. This surgical procedure involves creating an incision at the bikini line and removing the excess skin in the area. There are different types of tummy tucks, and which your surgeon performs depends largely on both your desired outcome and your body type.

For example, you may opt for a mini tummy tuck if you're only concerned with minimal fat loss. It's designed to minimize the fat that's situated just under your belly button, often referred to as a "pooch." By contrast, a full tummy tuck is far more comprehensive. It can even address the fat situated in your hips. This is an extended tuck, and it typically requires an overnight stay at the hospital. No matter which type of procedure you undergo, you can expect several key benefits: a smoother midsection, a flatter appearance, less fat, and the potential for fewer stretch marks, too.


If your primary concern is excess fat, your plastic surgeon may recommend liposuction instead of a tummy tuck. This procedure involves removing fat from the body via a tube. It's sometimes used in conjunction with a tuck if fat removal is as necessary as skin tightening. Otherwise, it's a great choice to address love handles, a soft belly, and thick thighs.

Many women have trouble targeting the fat in these areas through diet and exercise alone. The beauty of liposuction is not only that it's so effective, but also that it's not very invasive. Local anesthesia is usually all that's needed, although your surgeon may use general anesthesia if treating a larger area or multiple spots on the body. When combined with other treatments, such as a breast augmentation or a tummy tuck, you can easily achieve precisely the figure of your dreams.


Childbirth can be exceptionally hard on the body. The labia minora in particular may stretch considerably while you're pushing, causing the flaps to extend beyond the labia majora. This is a sensitive part of the body, and if it protrudes you may experience discomfort when wearing certain types of clothes, while having intercourse, or when exercising.

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A labiaplasty is a practical solution that will resolve your concerns immediately. The procedure involves removing excess skin from the labia minora and closing the affected area. Expect some discomfort as you heal, but once your body recovers your labia minora will appear normal and cease to cause you the discomfort you might otherwise feel when having sex or working out.

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