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What is the Best Age for Getting Breast Implants

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What Age is Best for Getting Breast Implants

There are many factors to think about when considering breast augmentation or a breast lift. In addition to your lifestyle, overall health and life plans, your age is a factor.

There is a minimum age set by FDA for silicone breast implants – 22, and 18 for saline –  there is no perfect age for breast implants that all women should follow. Every woman should consider all the factors mentioned earlier and make a decision based on their situation.

Of course, you also should take your surgeon’s advice into consideration about when your body is ready for breast implants.

Deciding On the Ideal Time For Breast Implants

As we mentioned earlier, FDA states you should be at least 18 for saline implants and 22 for silicone breast implants. Generally, there are several excellent reasons to wait until your breasts are mature before you consider implants. Also, you’ll have better results if you wait until that time.

The 20s and 30s are the most frequent time that women have breast implants. Women in that age bracket are usually in the best health of their lives, have an awareness of their body appearance, and they are mature enough mentally for breast implants.

In this age group, women have the mental and emotional development to weight the risks and benefits of breast augmentation so they can make the best decision.

Note that there is no maximum age to have breast implants. However, as women age, health issues tend to become more frequent. There can come a time when your health is no longer optimal to consider breast implants surgery.

After all, breast augmentation IS surgery, which has a chance of complications. Plus, general anesthesia is required, and complications and side effects are more common the older you are.

Consider Recovery Time

When thinking about breast implants, your physical age might not be the most important factor. Think about the fact that you’ll need at least 10 days of rest when you have breast augmentation.

If you work 50 hours per week and have little vacation, or are in college with a heavy course load, you may have challenges giving your body the time it needs to heal.

Whatever your age when you have surgery

Best Time Of Year For Breast Implants

Now that you know more about the ideal ages to have breast implants, what is the best time of year?

According to some plastic surgeons, fall can be the ideal time of year to have your Philadelphia breast augmentation with implants. Some of the reasons that many professionals like the autumn for breast augmentation include:

Cooler Weather

The cooler weather of the fall (or even winter in the south) means you may spend more time indoors. Few breast implant patients want to stay inside when the weather is nice in the spring and summer.

In the fall or winter, you can watch your favorite shows on Netflix and not feel as guilty sitting on the couch. With the shorter, cooler days, you also will not have to be concerned about intense UV rays damaging your scar tissue. Note that this damage can happen even if you wear a tank top or swimsuit.

Schedule Surgery Around Holidays

When the big fall and winter holidays approach, you may be able to schedule your implants for when you would have been off work anyway. Plan on needing at least seven days off work to recover from your breast implant surgery.

For women who don’t want to burn vacation days for plastic surgery, scheduling your procedures around the holidays can give you the time off you need. Some plastic surgeons do their breast implants on, say, Thursday, so you may be able to take all the time you need from work around a major holiday and never schedule a vacation day.

No Missing Summer Fun

The longer days of summer mean you’re more likely to want to spend time outside in the sun. But you cannot do that when you’re recovering from breast augmentation. Rest and relaxation are required for a week to 10 days, so it’s great to get that done when the weather is cooler and cloudier in the fall.

Augmented Breasts Take Time To Settle In

After breast augmentation, your breast implants will sit higher and firmer than your breasts normally would. This is normal. It may take two or three months for your breasts to soften to their normal texture and to ‘settle in’ to their normal position on your chest.

By having your implants in the fall, you can be wearing warmer clothes as your breasts return to normal.

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