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How to Quickly Heal from Breast Augmentation

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Find Out How to Recover and Heal from Breast Augmentation Faster

When you have a board-certified plastic surgeon perform your breast augmentation or breast lift, you can expect to have a smooth and quick recovery. Many patients can go back to work and regular activities in just a week or so.

However, how quickly you recover depends on the steps you take and how closely you adhere to them. To have the fastest recovery from breast augmentation surgery, please remember to keep the tips below in mind.

Ask For Help In Advance

Breast augmentation surgery these days is highly advanced, but it is still major surgery. You will be tired and sore for a few days, and you shouldn’t do any heavy lifting for at least a month.

This means that if you have small children, you will need help around the home, so be sure that you set up the support you’ll need in advance. Whether you rely on your partner, friends, or family, you should have someone available to help you with childcare for at least a week.

Even if you just have someone drop by for a few minutes to help, that could make a big difference.

Also, you shouldn’t drive until you stop taking all prescribed narcotic pain drugs. Make sure you have someone available to drive you to any follow up appointments.

Manage Your Pain Effectively

You will probably experience mild to moderate pain for a few days after your procedure. Some patients report feeling tightness and pressure in the chest. That’s why your surgeon will prescribe pain medication to help you get through the initial recovery period.

However, some women can get by with over-the-counter pain medications after the first day of recovery.

Still, you don’t know how much pain you will have, so you should fill all of the prescriptions your doctor gives you before you have surgery. So if you go home and have more pain than you expected, you will have the medications you need available.

Get A Lot Of Rest

It might sound simple to get plenty of rest after surgery, but this can be easier said than done. It’s essential to ensure that you have a quiet area where you can get some sleep when you need it, as well as a comfortable bed.

You may need to have a place on the first floor where you can lie down and rest during the day, as well.

Have several comfortable pillows available so you can prop yourself at an angle that is comfortable for the first week or so. After that, you will need to sleep on your back or sides for a few weeks, not your stomach.

You will need to pass the time as you rest, so have books, magazines, and plenty of shows to watch on Netflix. Try to get as much rest as you need for your body to heal.

You Could Have Constipation

When you have anesthesia and prescription pain medications, you could have constipation. Again, prevention is the best way to deal with this issue, so only take as much pain medication as necessary.

You can deal with constipation by taking Colace or Milk of Magnesia a few times per day. Also, try eating foods with fiber and psyllium seed or another type of fiber supplementation.

Avoid Heavy Exercise

People who exercise regularly usually find it difficult to rest after breast augmentation. However, it’s important to let the strenuous exercise wait for a few weeks; if you overdo it, you could have problems with your incisions and other complications.

However, you should feel free to walk as much as you are comfortable as you heal.

Massage The Breasts

Unless your doctor tells you otherwise, it can help to massage the breasts to reduce pain and help the implants settle in faster. You can also do specific exercises that can help reduce tenderness in the breasts, as long as your doctor says it’s ok.

Don’t Use Over-The-Counter Ointments On Your Incisions

It’s essential to leave the care of your incisions to your doctor; only use bandages and medications etc., that your doctor recommends. If you put over-the-counter ointments on your incisions, you could have irritations or allergic reactions.

Don’t Look At The Scars

Right after surgery, the incisions from the procedure will be noticeable – usually under the breasts. But you should not look at them for now.

The more you try to look at them, the more you’re stressing the incisions. Moving too much could make them reopen, which could damage what your surgeon did. The last thing you want is to have breast augmentation revision surgery!

Don’t worry: After a few months, the scars from your surgery will fade and be almost invisible.

Go To Your Check-Ups

Follow-up examinations with your surgeon are an important part of the recovery process, so make sure you get to those appointments.

Follow-ups allow your doctor to see how well things went and how your body is healing. Your surgeon also will be able to deal with any complications that might arise.

Stock Water And Healthy Foods

Before you have your breast augmentation, stock your pantry with healthy foods and a lot of water.

For the first day after surgery, you could feel nausea from the general anesthesia, and you may not have much appetite. So, you should have light, soft foods available that are easy to prepare.

Also, have many healthy foods around, so your body gets the nutrients and energy it needs to heal. Getting dehydrated is common after surgery, so drink a lot of water every day.

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