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Smaller Breasts Are Trending

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Smaller Breasts are a Growing Trend

One of the most popular plastic surgery procedures in the US today is breast augmentation. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons estimates 13,400 procedures done in 2018, and the figure rose to almost 400,000 in 2020. 

Most of us think of breast augmentation as bigger breasts with implants. After all, one of the stereotypes of feminine beauty is prominent cleavage that looks great in bathing suits and clothes with plunging necklines year-round. 

But in recent years, small breasts are a growing trend today, which shows how our society changes when it comes to the ideal feminine beauty. That’s why breast reduction procedures are getting more popular this year. Also, some women want breast implant removal to replace them with smaller ones. 

Below are some reasons why smaller breasts are trending: 

Physical Problems With Large Breasts

Sometimes it all comes down to the weight of D and double-D breasts. A heavier chest can feel like a burden to many women. Some women with a big chest have problems with exercise and also have neck and back pain, skin irritation, and even spinal deformations. 

Active Lifestyles

Athleisure wear is widespread and is a sign that women are more interested in fitness than ever. A body that is gym-toned shows self-care, discipline, young and determination. 

Plus, small well-shaped breasts fit the body of an athletic and well-toned woman. Also, smaller breasts make vigorous workouts easier. Women with large breasts can work out, but a supportive bra can only do so much. 

More Fashion Freedom

Large breasts and fashion go together as well as oil and water. Large breasts are hard to account for in fashion without ruining the fit of a lovely outfit. Also, finding nice clothes for anything large than a C-cup can be difficult. 

A woman may need to buy bigger sizes to ensure that those big breasts fit, which can ruin the outfit’s overall look. 

With smaller breasts, the world of fashion is genuinely opened to you at least. You can fit in almost any outfit you want when you’re a small-sized woman with A or B-cup breasts. 

More Fun In Bed

Research performed at the University of Vienna suggests that small breasts are 25% more sensitive than large ones. This means that women with a small chest probably enjoy sexual activity more than women with big breasts. 


Having people admire you for just a pair of big breasts isn’t considered an asset today; women are as independent and self-actualized as men. Women are masters of their destiny, so they don’t want to obey old-fashioned stereotypes about having large breasts to please others. 

Instead, they want their breasts to please themselves, and that often means smaller breasts. 

Stereotypes Are Misleading

Not every man is into large breasts, as society often tells us. Men’s attitudes toward female beauty have evolved in the past 10 or 20 years. Studies suggest that men usually like women with small breasts because they tend to be more intelligent and more developed than women with big breasts. 

An article in Psychology Today found that wealthy men often appreciated women with smaller breasts, while men with money problems still like the idea of big breasts. 

Smaller Breast Implants

Because smaller breasts are trending, many women want smaller implants with their breast implants. Here are some significant benefits: 

Natural Looking

Surgeons say that smaller implants look more natural, creating subtle curves that look like Mother Nature made them. Dr. Stark is skilled in making more minor breast augmentations look as natural as possible. 

Great For An Active Lifestyle

As we mentioned earlier, oversized breasts can interfere with vigorous physical activity. Trying to run five miles with big boobs can be an exasperating experience between the discomfort and the unwanted male attention. With smaller implants, you can jump, run, swim, and surf in total comfort. 


The ideal chest is proportionate to the rest of your body. Many surgeons use bio-dimensional planning to select implants that will best complement your body and enhance your beauty. 

Avoid Big Breast Problems

Oversized breasts can be very uncomfortable. Big implants are heavy, and if you make them too big, you’ll have severe neck, back, and shoulder pain later in life. Smaller implants rarely cause any discomfort. 

Help After Pregnancy

Smaller breast implants also help to restore your breasts after pregnancy. Breasts tend to lose their upper area fullness after pregnancy. 

But a small breast implant can give more fullness and shape to your upper breasts again. Many women have a smaller breast augmentation paired with a breast lift as part of their mommy makeover

Fat Transfer For Smaller Breast Enhancement

If you want smaller breasts with your enhancement, you also may consider a fat transfer breast augmentation. This procedure removes fat from your belly or rear with liposuction and injects it carefully into your breasts to add volume. 

Fat is your tissue, so there are few complications. Some fat will reabsorb into the body, so your skilled surgeon needs to know how much fat to inject. 

Fat transfer breast augmentation is helpful for women who want a minor enhancement. Also, you get the added benefit of liposuction in an area of the body where you want to lose fat! 

Book Your Breast Procedure Today

Interested in a Philadelphia breast augmentation procedure? Our double board-certified Philadelphia plastic surgeon, Dr. Stark, will review your options in your free consultation, as well as go over your surgical goals. He’ll decide if you’re a good candidate for a breast reduction or related procedure. 


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